STEDEX or Sustainable Tropical Environmental Design Exhibition is a series of design and architectural juried exhibition from the Faculty of Design and Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia. It contains a collective study of design research process and artifact from three departmentaldesign disciplines: Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture and Architecture.

Nature’s Yield and Wonders of Art (Nyawa) exhibition present a mixture of scientific, artistic creativity and innovation of sciences from the Agribio Resources Division, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Each product has its own interpretation,highlighting the notion of science based knowledge from experimental laboratory and design studio based process.

The Virtual Library museum pages – Universiti Putra Malaysia (VLmp-UPM) is the tangible output of Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Gallery Serdang Programme initiated by the Faculty of Design and Architecture in response to establishing an alternative citation-indexed publication route for design-based research. VLmp-UPM database is part of a distributed directory of online museums ( and the resource is indexed under the Humanities and Humanitic Studies. Collections of artifacts by students and experts of Universiti Putra Malaysia are archived digitally under the guided curatorship of faculty members with the Sultan Abdul Samad Library and the IT Development Centre. At Universiti Putra Malaysia, the database is indexed under the Intellectual Repositorty (IR) Index. The publication of selected artifacts under thematic exhibitions is further upgraded from a peer-reviewed article to citation-indexed articles whenever an exhibition’s catalogue is listed in either the Arts and/or Humanities Indexes. The STEdex catalogue, for example, is a citation index journal having being listed in the Design and Applied Arts Index of Cambridge Scholarly Association and ProQuest. Additionally, each exhibited article is indexed in the Humanities and Humanities Studies when published by VLmp-UPM. 

About ICOM
Universiti Putra Malaysia is a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) since 2009 through its national membership in ICOMMAL. ICOM is based in the Headquarters of UNESCO, Paris. Universiti Putra Malaysia is the first Research Institute member from Malaysia covering artifacts and installation works produced and/or found on its vast bio-diversified campuses in Serdang and Bintulu. Universiti Putra Malaysia The Secretariat of ICOMMAL at Universiti Putra Malaysia is the Faculty of Design and Architecture. The Dean of the Faculty of Design and Architecture is a council member of ICOMMAL.